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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

MySQL Replication Troubleshooting:Show Slave Status working but master data not written in relay logs

Sometimes we are facing the issue with Master-Master / Master-Slave replication like Show Slave Status command showing without any error but really no such master data is replicated on slave server.


In this issue exactly master data not written in relay logs due to somehow Slave IO threads stuck that's why facing such type of issue .

In this case we can define above parameter in our My.ini/My.cnf file .
​MASTER_HEATBEAT_PERIOD is a value in seconds in the range between 0 to 4294967 with resolution in milliseconds. After the loss of a beat the SLAVE IO 
​thread will disconnect and try to connect again.​

​Note: This parameter is configure in master server. ​

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