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MySQL Database Administrator

Boost Your Quick Knowledge in MySQL DBA Work, Concepts, Tips and Trick

MySQL System Properties provided by DB-Engines
DescriptionWidely used open source RDBMS
Primary database modelRelational DBMS info
Secondary database modelsDocument store
Key-value store

DB-Engines Rankinginforanking trend
Trend Chart

Rank#2 Overall
#2 Relational DBMS
DeveloperOracle info
Initial release1995
Current release8.0.16, April 2019
License infoOpen Source info
Cloud-based infono
DBaaS offerings (sponsored links) infoGoogle Cloud SQL: A fully-managed database service for the Google Cloud Platform
Implementation languageC and C++
Server operating systemsFreeBSD,Linux,OS X,Solaris,Windows
Data schemeyes
Typing infoyes
XML support infoyes
Secondary indexesyes
SQL infoyes info
APIs and other access methodsProprietary native API
Supported programming languagesAda,C,C#,C++,D,Delphi,Eiffel,Erlang,Haskell,Java,JavaScript (Node.js),Objective-C,OCaml,Perl,PHP,Python,Ruby,Scheme,Tcl
Server-side scripts infoyes info
Partitioning methods infohorizontal partitioning, sharding with MySQL Cluster or MySQL Fabric
Replication methods infoMaster-master replication
Master-slave replication
MapReduce infono
Consistency concepts infoImmediate Consistency
Foreign keys infoyes info
Transaction concepts infoACID info
Concurrency infoyes info
Durability infoyes
In-memory capabilities infoyes
User concepts infoUsers with fine-grained authorization concept info

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